Adding a Web Link

Adding a link from another website to your Moodle class's main page involves adding a URL resource. Here's how:

First, grab (copy) the link to the web resources you want to share in Moodle. This can be an entire site, like, or an individual video, page, or any other publicly linkable resource available on the web.

YouTube - Mozilla Firefox

With editing turned on in your class, open the Add an activity or resource menu in the section of your course outline where you want the link to appear. Select the button next to URL under Resources (at the bottom of the list) and click Add.

Course: Training 8 - Mozilla Firefox

On the URL resource settings page that opens, give your resource a name in the Name field and type (or paste) the link in the External URL field.

Editing URL - Mozilla Firefox

In the Appearance section, you have the option to choose from several ways to Display your link. We recommend choosing either Open or Automatic for most links, because some of the other options can be confusing to those who have difficulty processing visual information.

For more information about links and accessibility and for some examples of situations where you may want to open your links in a new window or a pop-up window, check out the World Wide Web Consortium's techniques page on Opening new windows and tabs from a link only when necessary.

Appearance section of URL settings page

Click Save and return to course or Save and display (to test your link), and you are done!

Editing URL - Mozilla Firefox

Your web link now appears on the main page of your course in the course outline in the section you wanted it to appear. Notice that the link icon denotes that this resource is a web link. This link can be moved, hidden, made visible or restricted via access controls, just like any other activity in a Moodle class.

Course: Training 8 - Mozilla Firefox