Grading with whole forum grading

With Moodle 3.9 and above, instructors can use whole forum grading to grade student discussion forums. When this is enabled in a forum, the instructor has a dedicated page to view each students post and apply grades to them. This article shows how the grading page works:

When whole forum grading is enabled, the instructor sees a Grade users button in the forum next to the link to add a discussion topic. Click on it to go to the grading screen.

forum screen detail

The main area of the grading screen shows all the posts from a single student at once. Although it shows these posts out of context with replies, the instructor can click on View discussion to see them in the original discussion context.

forum grade page detail

On the upper right of the screen are the Show (left) and Hide (right) buttons for the grade panel. Hide the panel if you need more room to view a students posts.

grade panel toggle icons

The Grade panel displays the name of the student you are grading and has a Grade field below the name to input a grade for the discussion activity. Type a numerical grade in this field. Once saved, this grade is transferred to the Moodle grade book.

Grade panel

If the grade has already been saved and recorded, the label above the student's name will say Graded. If it has not yet been saved, this label will say Not graded.

You can navigate between students for grading by clicking the left and right arrows next to the students name. To see a list of all your students in the course and navigate directly to a specific student by clicking their name, click on the eyeglass icon above the left and right arrows.

grade panel navigation detail

Once you are finished grading, don't forget to click the Save button at the top of the screen above the grade panel. This will record your grades and submit them to the grade book.

Save button