H5P Interactive Videos within Moodle

Select a course. Under the course title click on the "More" dropdown menu and select "Content bank."

Click on the the “Add” button, scroll down, and select "Interactive Video."

Click the video placeholder (dotted square with a "+" inside).

Upload a video file or paste the URL link.

To add an interaction, drag an element from the toolbar above the video and drop it somewhere on the video.

Once added, interactions can be moved, edited or resized. Use the handles on the interaction to resize or drag. Use the context menu that appears when an interaction is selected to edit the content. Press the "Remove" button to get rid of the interaction.

Add bookmarks to your video from the "Bookmarks" menu. Bookmarks indicate new topics, interaction points, or events within the video.

You can play your interactive video to preview it. Just press the "Play" button.

When you are finished, press "Save/Create."

Finally, you can create an optional "Summary quiz" that will appear at the end of your video.

On the "Summary task" tab you can also adjust the video play settings and text used in the content.  

Adding completed H5P interactive video as a course activity

Toggle edit mode in the top right corner

Open the "Add an activity or resource menu" in one of your course sections.

Option one for adding video as an activity is to download your completed H5P video first. Then, select H5P.

Upload the H5P interactive video that you previously downloaded. This method allows you to upload the video to various classes.

Option two for adding video as an activity is to select it from your content bank. As with option one, open the activities and resources menu and select H5P.

Click on the file picker.

Click on the "Content bank."

Optional step: rename file. Click on "Select this file" to add it.

The file has been added. Expand menus to set options including grades and attempts. Click “Save and return to course”

Content created in one course is not available in another course’s content bank. You can download and upload the file to another course or use Moodle’s Sharing cart.