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Message all students who are/are not logging in

This article shows you how to use your course's participants list to contact students that aren't logging in or who have logged in recently to your course.

Students not logging in

To view and message only those students who haven't logged in for a certain period -- say, one week -- start from your course's participants list. At the top of the list you'll see  a place to add search conditions.

Participants list search conditions

For the first field, select Any or All and for the second field select Inactive for more than. (The small "up" and "down" arrows in the field open the drop down options.

Search conditions detail

A third drop down box appears. In this box, type a time period (e.g. "1 week") or click the down arrow to select an option from the list.

log in time period selection

With all your search options now selected, click Apply filters on the right.

"apply filters" button

With your search applied, the participants list will show only the students that match your search for those who haven't accessed in at least whatever time period you chose. To send a message to all those students, click the first check box that appears to the top-left of the list of students. This box selects all the check boxes below it.

student selection check box

If there are too many students from your search to show on one page, click the Show all [number] link. It's at the bottom-left below the list of students.

With all students selected, click the With selected users box below your list and select Send a new message. This will take you to a message composition page where you can construct and send your message to all your students.

Students logging in

In addition to messaging those students who haven't logged in, you can also search for and message a list of those who have. Follow the same steps above, but instead of selecting a match for Any students, select None.

Match conditions set to "none"