Entering Grades in the Grade Book

In Moodle, you may grade course activities from course activity pages or you can enter grades manually into the grade book. This article focuses on entering grades directly into the Moodle gradebook. For a video overview of this process, watch:

Entering Grades in the Gradebook

Grader report View tab

To enter grades manually in the Moodle grade book, you must be in the Grader report under the View tab.

View tab column detail

You may need to use your keyboard arrow keys or mouse to scroll the grade window so that the grade column for the grade you need to record is visible on the screen. Once it is visible, click the cell for the grade you want to enter.

Editing column cell

Type the student's grade in the cell and then press the enter key or click a different cell to save the score. The cell background color will change to amber to indicate that you've entered the grade successfully.

column with overridden grades

Continue to record grades in other cells as necessary!