If you really want to get a good sense of what your students are doing (and not doing) in your class, you have to keep an eye on your class reports in Moodle.  These reports can be used to check participation in specific activities, resolve questions about student access, and get an overview of where students are spending their time (and where they aren't) among others.

Individual Student Reports

One of the first ways to use reports in Moodle is to check on an individual students activity. There are multiple ways to see an individual students activity. The most common way, is to do it via the student's profile page. A student's profile can be accessed by clicking on their name wherever it appears in a class. On the profile page, the student's report can be accessed from the links in the Reports section.

Student Profile - Activity Reports List

The Reports section shows links to several reports for the instructor to access.

  1. The "All logs" report is a comprehensive list of each action the student takes in the class - including viewing activities and resources, submitting assignments, starting and completing quizzes, among others.
  2. The "Outline report" is a list of all the activities and resources in the course, the student's actions within those activities and resources and their last access of them.
  3. The "Complete report" is similar to the Outline report, but with more details.

Taken together, these reports will give you a comprehensive outline of a student's course activity.

Course Administration Reports

Reports are also available at the course level under More link at the bottom of the course's Action menu.

Course Reports List

The list of reports under the Reports tab on the Course Administration page accessed via the More link will vary depending on what is enabled within the course. All courses will have the Dates, Logs, Live Logs, Activity report and Course participation report. This course has extra completion reports because completion tracking is enabled in the course settings. A good place to start when reviewing a student's activity in a specific course item is the "Logs" report. This report is the same as the "All logs" report from a student's profile page

Logs report

With the logs report, you can look at every action every student has done on every day, or you can specify specific students actions, specific activities, and specific days. This report is very useful when resolving questions about student access and activity completion. It is also the report the Moodle administrator uses most often when troubleshooting student and instructor issues.

Other Types of Reports

  • The Activity Report is a general overview report that shows a list of all activities in your Moodle class, how many times each has been accessed and the last time each was accessed.
  • The Course Participation report will show activity within specific activities by specific participants within specific time-frames. If you use groups for your activities, you can also use this report as an easy way to view group activity within specific activities and dates. This report also allows you to message students from the report - as you may want to do for student's who aren't participating in an activity.
  • Activity Completion will allow you to see which students have completed which activities. You need to turn on completion criteria within course settings and within specific activities in order for this report to be effective.
  • Dropout Detective is a special report that we are currently evaluating. It offers a quick view of students that are struggling, offers ways to contact struggling students, and even allows for contacts to be recorded within the report.