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Changing the order of items in the Gradebook

Once you've set up your grade items and categories in your gradebook, how do you rearrange them if you've made a mistake? Or added something new and want it to show up in a certain place on the grades page? Here's how to reset the order that your grades are displayed.

From your course's home page, click on the Grades link, and then go to the Setup tab in the gradebook.

Items are moved one at a time. Find the first item you want to move and click on the double-ended arrow next to it on the left. That's the "Move" icon.

The setup screen should now be in "move view." A small dotted box with an arrow pointing to it will appear between each item.

Click on the box that corresponds to the place you want to move your item to.

Your grade item should now appear in its new location.

Finally, click on the View tab to verify that your item is now visible in its new place (to both you and to students).

Although moving items must be done one at a time, moving a category will automatically move every item within that category, so having your items properly organized within categories can save you some time when it comes time to rearrange them.