I can't find my class in Moodle

In Moodle, academic classes are automatically added to your course dashboard 30 days before the courses officially start. Students are added 7 days before. If you are having trouble finding your courses in Moodle, this article should help you fix this problem.

Confirm all your courses are listed in mySCC

Compare your course list in mySCC Faculty Self Service with the courses you have listed in your Moodle Dashboard. If a course is missing in both mySCC and Moodle, it is possible that an error has occurred within Colleague, in which case it will need to be corrected by an employee or administrator with Colleague access. Some typical reasons why this could occur include:

  • You are not listed as instructor for a course in Colleague
  • The course has been cancelled due to low enrollment

If a course is listed in mySCC but not in Moodle it is most likely that an error has occurred while syncing your course information. In this case, contact the Teaching and Learning Center to ask them to request that an IT specialist resync your course info.

Check all Moodle Dashboard Tabs

In Moodle, current courses appear in the In Progress tab of your course Dashboard page. Upcoming courses appear in the Future tab. Completed courses appear in the Past tab.

Sometimes courses are added to the wrong tab because the start or end date is missing (or wrong) in the course settings. For example, a completed course that does not have an end date enabled in its course settings will continue to appear on your In progress tab even after the end of the semester.

It is also possible that you have accidentally hidden your course.  For hidden courses, check the tab, Removed from view.

Alse, keep in mind that instructors with many completed courses may have a long list in their Past tab. The most recently completed courses do not always appear at the top of this list.

You can adjust start and end dates yourself on each course's settings page. Changing a start or end date in Moodle does not change the course's official start and end dates, only how it appears in Moodle.