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Special Accommodations for A Student in A Quiz -- Creating User Overrides

Sometimes individual students need extra time, an extra attempt, or different due dates for an exam. This can be accomplished via a User Override. Here's how to do it:

To give a student a User Override, you must be on the quiz's home page. Click on the quiz's link on your course homepage and then look for the Quiz Action menu ("gear" icon).

Quiz home page

Open the Actions menu and click on User Overrides.

User overrides link

Click on Add user override.

Add user override button

Search for the student that will get the override in the Override user field. You can search by email address or by name. Select the student from the list that appears below the field.

search for student field

Once a student has been selected, their name will appear above the search box highlighted in blue.

student added to user override

Now you can choose from several overrides:

  • Change open and close dates for the student (Open the quiz, Close the quiz)
  • Give student extra time if the quiz has a time limit (Time limit)
  • Give student extra attempts (Attempts allowed)

You can give the student one or more of these overrides.

Edit override fields

For this example, let's give the student an extra week by changing the quiz close date. You can change the date by clicking any of the date fields, or (as in this case), you can click the calendar icon at the end, then a date on the calendar to change it to.

Override date fields

With the override created, click Save at the bottom of the page.

Save button

The new override will be listed on the page now.

Override page with student override

This override will apply to the listed student ONLY. Other student overrides can be added and this override can still be edited. The student with the override will be able to take advantage of it as soon as it is created -- within the parameters you have set for them.