Making a Quiz Question

You can make many different types of test question inside the Moodle question bank. This article will show you the basics.

In your Moodle class, go to the question bank by first clicking on the Action menu ("gear" icon) and then clicking More.

Moodle course action menu

On the Course Administration page, click on Questions in the Question Bank section.

Course administration page

You are now in the Question bank. Click on the Create a new question... button.

Create a new question button

Pick a question type from the question select window that opens. Most types can be set up to be automatically graded, but some -- like essay -- must be manually graded. For this article, we'll choose mutliple choice. Once you've clicked the circle to the left of your question choice, click Add.

Question types window

On the question creation page, first select the Category drop-down menu to save this question to a question category (if you've already created question categories).

Category field

Next Add a Question name and type the question into the Question text field. The Question name is a short name to help you identify this question in the list of all questions. The Question name is not displayed to students.

Question creation page detail

You can set the point value of this question in the Default points field.

Default mark field

Now type all the potential responses in the Choice fields below (Choice 1, Choice 2 ...). Up to 5 choices are provided by default. More can be added by clicking Blanks for 3 more choices at the bottom of the Answers section.

Answer section detail

Under the correct answer, choose 100% in the Grade field. This will tell the system to give this response full credit.

Grade field

It is also possible to give partial credit to multiple answers or have multiple answers be a correct response.

Click Save changes at the bottom of the page to save your question to the question bank.

Save changes button

You'll be taken to the question list in the category you just added your question to. Notice the Question name is displayed in the list, making it easy to identify your question.

Question list