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Adding Audio or Video using the Text Editor

You can add a short audio or video recording to any place in Moodle where you find the text editor -- like a Forum, a Page, an Assignment or Quiz, or even as feedback!

First go to the place where you want to record a short audio/video. We'll use the Announcements forum for this example. As you can see, I've already started a new topic

Discussion forum new topic

Click the Show more buttons icon in the Atto text editor. It is on the left and looks like a downward-pointing arrow.

Atto editor detail

You'll now see the full range of options on the text editor. The Record audio and Record video icons are on the bottom row. Click on the Record video icon.

audio and video editor icons

The process for recording audio is very similar to recording video, and so the steps below will work with both.

A pop-up window will open. Click the Start recording link in the window.

Start recording window

At this point, your browser will ask you to give permission to use the audio and video from your webcam:

  1. Make sure the right microphone and camera are selected in the dropdown menus.
  2. Click the checkbox to Remember this decision if you don't want to be asked to give permission on this browser next time.
  3. Click Allow.
Camera permissions window

The video window will automatically start the recording for up to two minutes. When you are finished with your video, click the Stop recording button

Record video window

You'll see your recorded video in the video window. Click one of the play icons to preview your video before posting. If you aren't satisfied with the video, click Record again and start the process over. If you would like to leave without saving your video, click the "x" in the upper right corner of the video window.

Otherwise, if you are happy with your video, click Attach recording.

Recorded video window

After clicking to Attach recording -- and a moment to render the video -- you should be back in the text editor. If you are ready to publish your video to your class, click Post to forum. Note that you can still preview your video before posting.

forum post editor with video

Your video will display embedded in Moodle. Course participants can view it right from the website!

Forum message posted with video

If you are having trouble getting your video or audio to record, try using a different browser. If you are having trouble getting your webcam set up to work with Moodle, try unplugging the webcam and plugging it back in before recording, or try a different webcam.