Editing a Class

This article shows how to make changes to a class, like adding activities and resources. For a video overview of this same process, watch:

Editing a Moodle Class

Turn Editing On

First, click on the Turn editing on button below the course Actions menu to activate the edit mode in your class. Once you've enabled editing, the button text changes to "turn editing off."

Turn editing on button

Editing Icons

With editing on, you'll see a variety of menu links and icons that allow you to edit and change the status of content in your class. Toggle editing back off for a cleaner view of your course.

Week outline with editing on

Moving an existing resource

To move a course resource within your course, just click and drag the "cross" icon to the left of the resource you want to move. Once you've moved that resource into its new location in the course outline, let go of the cross icon.

course item detail

Resources and Activities

At the bottom of each content section is a link to the list of activities and resources you can add to your class.

Activity and resource menu link


Activities include assignments, quizzes and discussion forums, to name a few. The Activities tab of the resource window shows all your choices.

the Activities tab


The Resources tab shows a list of course resources you can add. If you want to add a link to an external resource, such as a youtube video, you'll want to select the URL resource, for example. You can click Add at the bottom of the list when you've selected the resource or activity you want to add.

Course resources tab

Add a file - Drag and Drop

In addition to being able to add a file by selecting the file resource from the menu of resources, you can also drag and drop the file from your computer directly to any section in your Moodle class - but remember that editing must still be on for this to work.

drag and drop view

In the case of images, when dragging and dropping you are given the choice of either displaying the image directly in a section on the course page, or just placing a link to the image file in the selected section.

file resource choice window

When you are done editing your class, you can Turn editing off, but remember to turn it back on next time you need to make a change!