Using Import to Copy an Entire Course

The process of importing old content into a new course shell is relatively simple, especially if you are importing a whole course's content. The instructions below will show you how.

Go to the class you want to import content into and click on the Actions menu (gear icon in upper right of course outline). Then click on Import.

The next page will be the course search menu. Look for the course you want to import content from on this page. If you have too many courses to fit on one page, use the search box below the list and type your course in it.

Please be aware that you must type the course name in the proper format to find it. Newer courses generally follow a specific format, e.g., 2019fa com-0201-01.  Once you find and select your course, click Continue.

Once on the Import settings page, click Jump to final step.

If you want to select only specific parts of the course to import, DO NOT click Jump to final step. Instead, click Next.

You will next see a progress bar demonstrating that the import process is underway. Once it is finished, you'll see a success message and be able to return to your course by clicking Continue.