Setting up whole forum grading

In Moodle, you can grade your discussion forums on a convenient page just for scoring student forum posts. This article will discuss how to set up a forum with this feature.

When setting up your forum, on the Settings page look for a section on Whole forum grading.

Forum settings page detail

For info about other important Forum settings, be sure to read this article on setting up a graded forum.

Open this section and select a grade Type (usually Point).

Whole forum grading setting with Point selected

Other options will open at this point. Start by setting a Maximum grade. This is the total points possible for this activity. This setting defaults to 100 points. If you prefer a different total, enter that value instead.

Maximum grade setting with 100 points selected

Set a Grading method for the forum. Simple direct grading is the default, but feel free to explore Grading guide and Rubric if you prefer a different method.

Grading method setting with Simple direct grading selected

Grading category and Grade to pass are settings that effect how all grades appear in the gradebook. Check out articles in the gradebook category for more information.

Whole forum grading category detail

You can set Notify students to Yes if you want students to receive a Moodle notification when you record a grade for this forum. However, changing this only sets the default. When you submit a forum grade for a student, you can choose whether to send a notification or not.

As with all activities, after you've reviewed other settings and made your choices, save your changes and return to the course using the buttons at the bottom of the page.

Save settings buttons

It is important to note that you do NOT use the Ratings section when you set up your forum for Whole forum grading. Just leave Aggregate type in that section set to No ratings.