Using the Course Dashboard

The Course Dashboard is the first page you see when logging in to Moodle. It displays your list of current (and not current) courses. This article describes the features in the default layout of the dashboard. If you've modified this layout, these instructions may not apply.

Sorting by Start/End date

The three primary ways to sort courses in your dashboard are by their start and end dates. But before we review them, you need to click on the sorting menu in the upper left of the Course overview.

Filter menu annotated

The first sorting option is All (except hidden), and the next three are In progress, Future and Past:

  1. In progress - Courses show here that are between their start date and end date.
  2. Future - Courses show here that haven't reached their start date yet.
  3. Past - Courses show here when they have reached (or passed) their end date.

Click on any of these 3 links to filter just for courses that fit that filter's specific criteria.

Course start and end dates are set by the college and are transferred to Moodle automatically when the courses are created.

Create a Custom List with Starred Courses

In the filter menu below the Past filter is the Starred filter. If you "star" a course, that course will appear under this link.

Filtern menu detail

To star a course, click on the three small dots to the right of the course name. and select Star this course.

Course tile detail

Once you've starred your course(s), return to the filter menu and select Starred. You should now see your starred courses in the Course overview. It's easy to create a custom list of courses by starring them.

Course overview

Hide Courses

Another way of sorting your courses is to make some courses you don't want to see in your filters Hidden. Hidden courses do not appear in the All (except hidden), In progress, Past, Future, and Starred views.

To hide a course, again click on the three dots to the right of the course's name and select Hide from view.

Star and hide menu

Now, return to the filter menu and select Hidden at the bottom. This will take you to a view of just your hidden courses.

Filter menu detail

Hidden courses are only hidden from your view in your Dashboard. Hiding courses this way does not hide them from your students. Whether students are able to see their courses is determined by setting Show or Hide on the Course Visibility setting on the settings page for the course.

Other Dashboard Sorting Options

Within each filtered view, you can change how courses are arranged by clicking on Course name or Last accessed in the menu on the right.

Course sort detail

Just to the right of that menu, you can change how courses appear on your dashboard by clicking Card (the default view), List (course names in a vertical list), or Summary (course names in a vertical list with more information, such as a course description if one has been created).

Dashboard list view

Recently accessed courses

Below your Course overview is the Recently accessed courses block. This is a constantly updating list of courses by access date. This list is ordered left to right. The course you were last in will appear on the left.

Recently accessed courses block