Getting Started with Simple Syllabus

This article will give a basic overview of how to access and use Simple Syllabus from an instructor's perspective. PLEASE NOTE: These instructions are for the "new view" of Simple. Instructors are currently able to toggle back and forth between the new and old views once they log in.

To access Simple Syllabus, click on the Simple Syllabus button on your mySCC homepage. Your students will access SS the same way.

Before being logged in, you may see a brief screen acknowledging that you are accessing Simple. Once past that screen, you will be taken to your SS dashboard, which will list any course masters (for lead instructors) and section syllabi (course section instructors) you need to complete.

Click the "edit" next to a listing to edit that syllabus.

Note that below the edit button is a date. This is the date that the syllabus is expected to be completed and published by.

Once open, you can import content from another published syllabus. You may see buttons suggesting individual courses (1), a search field to search specific courses (2), and an import button to perform a detailed, step-by-step import (3).

Once done editing, click the Publish button at the bottom of the editing window. Any sections you haven't completed in the syllabus will be listed above this button. You can not publish a syllabus until all those sections are completed and removed from the list.

Once finished, your syllabus will appear in the "Completed" section. Students can only view syllabi when they have been published.

The buttons to View, Print, and Share (a link) each syllabus are to the right. If you "share" your syllabus, you can share a link to either the web page (URL) or the PDF copy. You can even copy the embeddable code to post your syllabus onto a web page.

Below the "Edit" and "View" buttons is the student engagement view, where you can see which students have and have not read your syllabus.

The student engagement screen has a list of your students, as well as telling you whether and how much of the syllabus they've read.

Finally, the Syllabus Library tab is a searchable index of all the published syllabi within the institution. This index is available to all users of Simple Syllabus, including students.