Add Zoom to a Google calendar event

You can schedule a Zoom meeting directly from Google calendar. Here's how:

Go to your Google calendar page and click on the date you want your meeting on (or click Create). This is the same procedure you would follow if you wanted to create a non-Zoom meeting or event in your calendar.

In the event window that pops open, fill out your calendar event details and then click on Add video conferencing.

In the video conferencing list, click Zoom Meeting.

It may ask you to log in to Zoom if you haven't already done so. Click Log in.

The Zoom log in page will open in a new tab. If using your SCC email calendar, click the Sign in with Google option.

Because you are already logged in to view your calendar, you should automatically sign in to Zoom after clicking the sign in button. If you came to the Zoom sign in page from the calendar of a personal Gmail account, clicking the Google button will sign you into Zoom under that account instead.

You may be asked to activate your Zoom account for use with Google. Click Authorize to continue.

After authorizing, you'll be returned to your meeting setup, but now you'll see a Join Zoom meeting link and your meeting ID. If everything looks ok, click Save to schedule your meeting and put it on your calendar

Once the event is created, you can share it by adding guests -- just like a regular calendar event -- and your meeting guests will access the Zoom from the link in the event on their calendar. You can also share it by just sharing the meeting ID from the event page in your calendar.