Resources for Teaching with Zoom

This article highlights some excellent resources from around the web with specific ideas for how to teach your classes with Zoom.

  1. Tips from Guilford College Library - Pedagogical tips and videos on using
    • Office hours
    • Breakout rooms for group work
    • Polling for interaction
  2. Pedagogical Considerations for Teaching with Zoom from Carnegie Mellon - The page highlights using zoom with
    • Powerpoints and the necessity for giving students breaks and pauses to check comprehension
    • response features like polling and response buttons (thumbs up/down)
    • small group breakout discussions and the need for breakout rooms to be given a "specific task"
    • other tips for online success
  3. Transition to a Digital Classroom | Revised Classroom Plan from Cornell - This sample plan includes a section on student etiquette for using Zoom. You don't need to follow this plan, but it's a good reminder that you should have one to give to your students with specific expectations.