Getting Started with Proctorio

Proctorio is the online exam proctoring service that is contracted by the college for use with online exams. This article is a roundup of some of the information you will need to answer questions about Proctorio and get started using it.

Privacy and System Requirements

Proctorio is an automated poctoring service, which means no Proctorio employees can view students' testing data. This data is encrypted and available only for instructors to view.

More information about how student data is handled by Proctorio - and what are the basic system requirements for using Proctorio - are on its Frequently Asked Questions page.

Setting up Proctorio

Proctorio integrates with Moodle's quiz activity. To use Proctorio with a quiz, you must:

  1. Use a browser base on Google Chrome - Proctorio only works with Chrome-based browsers (such as Chrome and Microsoft Edge)
  2. Install the Proctorio exam extension from Chrome's web store (students must do this also)
  3. Email a request to have the Teaching and Learning Center add the Secure Exam Proctor link to your Moodle course
  4. Set up a Moodle quiz and enable the proctoring settings you require in your quiz's settings
  5. To help students, add links to these articles from the student knowledge base to the introductory section of your class:
    1. Getting Ready for a Proctored Exam
    2. Add the Proctorio Extension to Chrome

Once the Secure Exam Proctor link is added to one of your classes, you can use the Sharing Cart to copy it to any other classes (even for future semesters!) that you need it in.

Proctorio settings cannot be changed after students have started taking a test. You may find that sometimes when you copy a previously used exam into a new Moodle class that Proctorio will also copy over the state of students having taken the exam. This may prevent you from enabling the plugin in your new course's exam. Unfortunately, the solution in this case is to rebuild the exam and delete the one that was copied.

Getting Help

The best place to get help with Proctorio is via the live chat, which is available online 24/7 by clicking on Proctorio's Chrome extension icon (looks like a shield) on the right side of Chrome's address bar -- at the top of your browser screen.

You can also contact the Teaching and Learning Center to set up face-to-face, online (via Zoom) or phone-based training sessions for more in-depth assistance.