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Set Up a Zoom Meeting in Your Moodle Class

Once you've activated your Zoom Pro account, you'll be able to take advantage of the Zoom activity in your Moodle class to schedule sessions for your students. Here's how:

With your course editing turned on, open the Add an activity or resource menu in the section of your course where you want the Zoom meeting to appear. Select Zoom meeting at the bottom of the list of activities. Click Add. The settings page will open.

Adding a Zoom meeting

On the settings page, give the activity a simple name that expresses its purpose: "office hours," "Week 1 lecture," and so forth.

Zoom meetings settings

Next, add a date and time for your meeting under When and a length for the meeting under Duration. Use the calendar icon to the right to select a date for your meeting from a calendar drop-down or enter the date directly into the date fields

Time and Date settings

If you have a meeting that will happen regularly, rather than just once at a specified time, you can select Recurring under Duration. Selecting Recurring will grey-out and disable the  date and time fields above.

Recurring meeting setting

Next, click on the Password field if you want to create a password that students must enter before being allowed in the meeting. Click the "eye" icon next to the field to see the password as you type it. Press the enter key to save your password.

Password field

Choose whether host and participants' video will be visible when they enter the meeting. These can be turned on or off later during the meeting using meeting controls.

Video default options

Then, choose default audio options for how participants can hear - and broadcast - audio for the meeting.  Participants have the option to use a telephone only (telephony), their computer mic and speakers only (VoIP), or have the option of using either (VoIP and Telephony) depending on which best fits their circumstances.

Audio default options

If you want students to be able to join the meeting via your link before you join to start it, select the Enable join before host option. If this option is not selected, participants will not be able to join via the course link until you have joined the meeting.

join before host meeting option

If you want to add another host (or multiple other hosts) who can start your meeting enter their email address in the Alternative Hosts field. The other host must also have a Pro account. They will receive an email notification with a link to start your meeting.

Alternative host field

After reviewing the other standard activity settings, click Save to save settings and return to the course page. You should see the link to your Zoom meeting on the course page. All participants will be able to click this link to access the meeting.

Zoom meeting link


After clicking the link, the instructor will see a detailed page with all the meeting settings, including:

  • The Start Meeting button that, when clicked, will open the Zoom application and log you in to the meeting.
  • The full meeting link which can be copied and shared via email or message.
  • A link to view details of any concluded Sessions for this meeting
  • A link to view details of All meetings scheduled within the course
Moodle Zoom meeting page - instructor view

Once scheduled in Moodle, the meeting will also appear in the Zoom app in the host's list of meetings

Zoom meeting info in Zoom app


When students click the meeting link on the course page, they will see basic meeting details. These details do not include the meeting password (if set), so the meeting host must have already shared this password with students. It does include a link to All meetings, so students can see all the Zoom meetings set up in the course. If the meeting is active, students can click the Join meeting button at the top to attend the session in Zoom.

Moodle Zoom meeting page - student view

When students try to join meetings that have not been started yet (because it is not the right day/time or because the host has not yet activated the meeting and Join before host is not enabled, instead of a link to join the meeting, students will see Unable to join at this time and a button to add the meeting date/time to their calendar.

Zoom meeting page detail