Adding your Simple Syllabus to Moodle

Adding your syllabus from Simple Syllabus inside Moodle is easy. Here's how:

In your Moodle class, make sure editing is on. Click on the Add and Activity or Resource meny in the section of the course where you want to place your syllabus (usually the top section).

Select "Simple Syllabus" from the Recommended tab. It is also available under the All and Activities tabs.

On the settings page in the Activity name field, you must give your syllabus a logical name -- usually the course name and semester. This is the name that will appear on your course page.d

Once finished with settings, click Save and Return or Save and display (recommended).

Once on the syllabus' page, you should see the editing window for Simple Syllabus open. Certain information, such as the course name, should already be populated in your syllabus. If you have already completed editing the syllabus previously on the Simple Syllabus site, your syllabus information should all be displayed on the page in the window.

Once the syllabus is complete, and all required and optional information has been added, you will click Publish at the bottom of the page. Publishing the syllabus allows students to see it both in Moodle and on the Simple Syllabus website.

You can see the syllabus above is incomplete, because several sections are listed as incomplete and the Publish button is unavailable. You must fill out all required information to be able to publish your syllabus ford students to access.

Now your syllabus is visible to students in your class, just like any other Moodle resource!