Recording a Session - Zoom Pro

Zoom professional accounts allow recordings to be saved and shared online. This article will show you the steps to record your session and have it saved in your online account so that you can easily share it with a link.

Once you've started your Zoom meeting, to record, click on the Record button at the bottom of the application window.

Zoom Meeting ID: 732-430-7741

You will be given the option to Record to the cloud or Record on this computer. Choose the cloud.

Zoom Meeting ID: 732-430-7741

You'll see an indicator in the upper left corner of the application window to notify you that the meeting is recording. The Record button at the bottom of the window will also change to Pause/Stop Recording buttons.

Zoom Meeting ID: 732-430-7741

If you hit a pause button, the indicator will change to indicate you are not recording. The bottom buttons will also change to Resume/Stop Recording. Click a resume button (sideways triangle) to continue recording.

Zoom Meeting ID: 732-430-7741

Once ready to stop, click the Stop Recording button (black square). A confirmation window will open. Click the Yes button to stop the recording or Cancel to continue recording.

Zoom Meeting ID: 732-430-7741

Once the recording is available, you'll receive an email notifying you. The email includes a personal link for you to see recording details as well as a link you can email or post online for others to view.

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To view details on this recording and any others you've made, log in to your account at and click tine Recordings tab in the menu at left.

Recording Information - Zoom - Google Chrome

Your recordings will appear in a list on this screen. To the right of each item is a Share button. Click that button to access sharing settings, including a link you can copy and paste to share.