Testing Audio and Video in Zoom

Before starting a Zoom meeting, test your audio (microphone and speakers) and your video. This article will show you how!

Before the Meeting

Before joining your meeting, go in to the Zoom desktop app and test your settings. Find settings by clicking the "gear" icon.

Zoom application window

In the Zoom application settings, click on Video. If your video source is properly installed, you should see an active video window here.

meeting settings window - video

If you see a grey box with no video and you are using a webcam, try unplugging the webcam from your computer and plugging it back in.

Next, click on the Audio tab to check your microphone and speakers.

meeting settings menu - audio

On this screen, text your speaker by clicking the Test Speaker button. A sound should play.

test speaker button

Your computer speakers or headphones should be visible in the sound source dropdown menu. If you want to send the sound to a different source, click the dropdown menu and select it.

audio selection menu

While the sound is playing, click to adjust the volume slider to your preferred loudness level.

volume slider

If the sound is still playing, click Stop to finish.

stop button

Repeat these steps with the Microphone settings just below.

microphone settings

If you want to have Zoom set a default loudness level for your microphone, leave Automatically adjust volume checked.

volume adjust checkbox

During a Meeting

Once you've joined a zoom meeting, you can check your audio and video connections via the audio and video buttons in the meeting's toolbar. This is usually at the bottom of the meeting screen.

audio and video icons

You can toggle the audio and video on and off by clicking these icons. Here they are toggled off.

audio and video disabled icons

To test audio, click the menu icon to the right of the audio icon.

audio icon

Under the audio menu that will open when you click the menu icon, look to make sure that your webcam and speakers are properly selected.

audio menu detail

To test your current setup, click the Test Speaker & Microphone link just below in the menu.

audio test link

First Zoom will test your speaker.

  1. If necessary, you can switch the current speaker from the speaker menu displayed.
  2. You should see the output indicator go up and down and hear a series of tones.
  3. If so, click Yes to proceed.
speaker test window

Once you click Yes on the speaker test screen, you will be taken to the microphone test screen. This screen is very similar to the previous one. To test your microphone, simply speak. The test will record your speech and play it back to you. If the sound is clear, click Yes to continue.

microphone test window

On the test results screen, click Finish to close the window.

audio finish window

Testing your video connection is very similar to audio. Click the video menu link next to the video icon.

Video icon

On the video menu, click the Video Settings link.

video settings menu

The video settings window will open with the Video tab selected. You should see your camera video displayed in the window if it is working properly. Note that this is the same menu window as the application screen for setting up your audio and video before the meeting as described above.

Zoom video settings window

If your video and audio are both working, you are ready for your meeting! If you are still having issues with your audio and video, contact the distance learning department (in the main campus library) for extra support.