Submitting a Leave Request

This article describes the steps to submit a leave request for vacation, sick or personal days.

Log in to mySCC via the link on the SCC homepage, log in with your SCC email, and click on mySCC on the account landing page.

On the mySCC hompage, click the "Leave" button in the Self-Service card.

Notice you can view what you have used and your overall balance in the graphic at the top of the screen. Details about accrual earnings, usage and adjustments are found below. By clicking on “View” you can see additional details regarding your leave plans.

Employees can also request leave by clicking on the “Request Leave” button.

Next, select the type of leave and the start and end dates of the leave. Click on “Submit” to finalize your request.

With start and end dates selected, a calendar will appear where you can enter the number of hours of leave you wish to take each day. The Submit button is not active until you successfully enter the hours in each day requested.

Once the leave has been submitted your outstanding leave requests will display on your dashboard, and your supervisor will get an email notification that the leave request is submitted. Once your supervisor approves the request, the “submitted” status will change to “approved”, and you will get an email notification of the approval.

If your supervisor rejects the leave request, you will also get an email notification. You can then go back into your submitted request and make the necessary changes before resubmitting. To cancel the leave request, have your supervisor “reject” the request, so you can “delete” it.