Submitting a Retention Alert

Submitting a student's information to retention alert helps identify students that are having problems in class early, while there is time to intervene and provide them with the support they need to successful complete.

To access Retention Alert, log in to your mySCC. and click on the Retention Alert button in the Self-Service card.

On the Retention Alert page, type the name of your student (or their SCC ID) in the search field and hit the enter key.

The search will find the name of the student you entered in a window below the search field. Click on the student's name.

The Contribute Retention Info screen will open. First, Select a Case Type from the Type of Issue menu under Actions.

Once the case type is selected, enter a Summary of the case and Detailed Notes describing the situation in the fields below. Once you've entered all the case details, click Save. Your case has been submitted.

Make sure to put your course info (prefix and number, name) in the Summary when you submit your case.