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Sending your Course Syllabus to the Syllabus Archive

Every semester, you should send a copy of each course syllabus for all the courses you teach to the school's syllabus archive. Here's how:

Once your syllabi are updated for the semester and complete, email a copy of each syllabus to all the courses you teach to:

Make sure that your file includes the name, number AND section number of your course, as well as your last name and the semester/year. The specific format doesn't matter as much as the information included.

Examples: "psy10296NsmithSP21.doc" or "smithspring2021psych102sec1.docx"

In addition, put this information IN the actual syllabus as well. This is because when the file is uploaded into etrieve for storage, the file name is removed the document and the document's first page is displayed. If the information is in the header of the first page, it is much easier to file the document.

To clarify, the syllabus template below shows what the person filing a syllabus in etrieve sees after the syllabus file has been uploaded.

annotated view of a syllabus document in etrieve

etrieve can support storage of multiple file formats, including PDFs, but please save and send your document in Word format for consistency (.doc, .docx).

DO NOT email links to Google Docs format documents in your email. If you have created your syllabi in Google Docs, download your syllabi files in Word format and send those copies instead.