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Submitting Initial Progress Check/Midterm/Final Grades

MySCC - Faculty Self Service

To report official grades, log in to mySCC and click on the Faculty button in the "Employee Self-Service" card.

Course Rosters

You'll see a list of your active classes. Click on a class to view a course roster.

Grades Submission

From a roster, click on the "Grading" tab to go to the grade screen.

On the Grading page, from the start of the semester, you'll see a tab for "Initial Progress Grade" and one for "Midterm Grade." Initial Progress is a status check that must be turned in on the tenth day of class. Midterm is for the actual midterm grade at mid-semester.

Initial Progress/Tenth Day

For Initial Progress/Tenth Day status check,  use the grade dropdown menu in the Initial Progress tab to select either an "A" to indicate the student is currently attending the class, or select "DR" to drop a student from the class. After this Initial Progress check, students cannot be dropped from the course by the instructor. Only a student can initiate a post-tenth day drop.

Click on the Select Grade dropdown menu next to each student's name to select a "grade" for each student for the Initial Progress check.

Once you click on a choice to select it, that choice is automatically submitted for that student.  However, If you make a mistake you can still change the grade by selecting a different one, but his must be done very soon after the initial selection -- so be cautious when making a selection.

Midterm Grades

For the  Midterm grade, a grade dropdown menu is available in the Grade column to the right of each student's name on the Midterm tab. Submit the appropriate midterm grade for a student by picking the appropriate grade from the dropdown.

As a reminder, you cannot select "DR" to drop a student at this time. Only letter grades can be selected at midterm and for final grades.

Final Grades

Final Grades are submitted from the Final Grade tab on the Grading page. The Final Grade tab will not appear until the end of the semester. Select students' final grades from the Final Grade dropdown menu next the the student's name.

For students receiving a failing grade as a final grade, you must enter a Last Date of Attendance in M/d/yyyy format, for example, "11/5/2019".

While there is a Never Attended checkbox for each student in the Final Grade tab, students cannot be dropped for not attending at the end of the semester.  Attendance issues should be identified via Retention Alert early in the term. Poor attendance must be address before Midterm. Additionally, you cannot us the "DR" grade for a final grade.