Recording Daily Attendance

Daily attendance for traditional - not online - classes should be recorded by the instructor in mySCC. This article shows how.

From the mySCC homepage, click on the quicklink for Faculty Self Service.

The Faculty Self Service page will open on the Faculty Overview.

You'll see your course links listed below by semester. The most current (or upcoming) semester will appear at the top of this list. Courses are organized by semester. Find and click on the course you will enter attendance for.

Your roster for the course will open. Above the student names, click on the Attendance tab.

Once you are on the Attendance tab, make sure that today's date appears in the Select Date field at the right.

If you need to record attendance for a different date, click the date and select another from the dropdown menu.

Next to each student's name is the Select Attendance menu. Click that menu to open the dropdown. Pick the correct response in the dropdown that reflects that student's attendance for that day.

If you would like to record a comment about a specific student's attendance, click the comment icon next to the Select Attendance menu.

A comment window will open. Enter your comment (up to 50 characters) and click Save.

Back at the Attendance tab, continue entering attendance for each student on the roster.

Once you select a choice for a student from the Select Attendance menu, your choice is automatically saved and submitted, so make your choice carefully. There is no "save" button on the Attendance tab.