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Midterm Class List Submission Instructions

For each class you teach, you must turn in an ICCB-auditable Course Enrollment Midterm Class List to the Student Information System Specialist. Please follow the detailed instructions how to do so in this article

Step One: Compare Lists

Carefully compare this list with your mySCC class list.  You may have students listed at the bottom of this form that cannot be claimed for credit hour reimbursement with ICCB. 

These students are still enrolled in your section, but should not be included in your total students on this form.

Step Two: Add Missing Names

If you have a student attending but whose name is missing from the list, please write it and the student ID number at the bottom of the form.

You may be sent an updated form to sign after this one has been processed. Please immediately complete that form and return.

Step Three: Mark Previously Dropped Students

If you dropped students at a prior date, but their name appears on this list, write drop next to the name with the date dropped.

You may be sent an updated form to sign after this one has been processed. Please immediately complete that form and return.

For privacy, student names and ID #s have been blacked out in the image below.

NOTE:  Students who have not already been dropped can not be dropped using this form.

Step Four: Verify Dates

Verify that the credit hours and course dates are correct for your course section.

Step Five: Total Your Students

Add up the number of students, and write the total on the form. NOTE: The number of students on your Faculty Self-Serve class list needs to match the number of students on the form! 

However, do not include any students in your total that are listed as unable to be claimed for credit at the bottom of the form.

Step Six: Sign the Form

Only the instructor of origin should sign these sheets with an actual signature. Do not sign for another instructor.  Do not type your signature.  It must be an actual signature.  Please no markers or highlighters.

While faculty and staff are working remotely, e-signatures are allowed. Faculty may either type their signature or use software that facilitates online signatures to complete the document.

Step Seven: Submit the Form

Return the signed and dated documents to Sabrina Black. The deadline is dictated by ICCB requirements and Pell disbursement dates. Acceptable methods for return include a fax to 618-634-3308, interoffice mail, US Postal Service, or a scan/email to [email protected]

The forms must be readable upon receipt of electronic copies or the originals will need to be submitted.

This is an auditable form, so please do not write notes/comments on it, except those noted in these instructions. If any additional comments or notes are necessary, they must be submitted on a separate sheet of paper and attached to this form with a paper clip.