VR Applications - Science and Math

  1. Human Anatomy VR - Study human anatomy in 3D VR. 15 body systems and 10,000 realistic anatomical structures.
    • Free Meta Quest App (Subscription required after free trial)
  2. Ocean Rift – an "aquatic safari" app that lets you explore 14 different aquatic environments
    1. $9.99 Meta Quest App
  3. VXRLabs - Biology - Multiplayer app tests users' knowledge of anatomy and physiology
    1. Free Meta Quest App (some features require a paid subscription)
  1. Nanome - Experience a collaborative environment where users can build 3D molecules or simulate entire proteins.
    • Free Meta Quest App (Subscription required for some features)
  1. eXPerience Colorblindness - Experience life from the perspective of people with various types of colorblindness. Go to a garden, shop and a museum. Try shopping and painting while colorblind.
    • Free Oculus Rift App (PC Link Cable)
  2. Imercyve: Living with Intellectual Disability - Gives users the chance to step into the shoes of a person with an intellectual disability and to see how everyday activities can be overwhelming.
    • Free Meta Quest App
  1. Calcflow - "Manipulate vectors with your hands, explore vector addition and cross product. See and feel a double integral of a sinusoidal graph in 3D, a Mobius strip and it's normal or spherical coordinates! Create your own parametrized functions and vector fields!"
    • Free Rift App (PC Link Cable)
  2. CalcVR - 50 lessons in concepts such as coordinates, curves, vectors, functions
    • Free Meta Quest App
  3. Prisms Math - Experiential math instruction for Algebra and Geometry
    • Free Meta Quest App (Subscription required)
  1. Mitchell Overview Effect – Astronaut Edgar Mitchell narrates this experience where you launch from the moon to return to earth, where a view of Earth causes the viewer to experience the sense of fragility charactarized as the "overview effect."
    • Free via Steam VR (PC Link Cable)
  2. Universe Sandbox – Scientifically accurate space simulation allows you to move through the solar system and cosmos and "hurl" stars and planets around.
    • $29.99 Oculus Rift VR (PC Link Cable)
  3. Overview – Interactive documentary of space and the cosmos
    • $9.99 Oculus Rift VR (PC Link Cable)
  4. Orders of Magnitude – Experience that visually demonstrates the universe at different scales
    • $8.99 early access Oculus Rift VR (PC Link Cable)
  5. Spheres – Interactive "spectacle" that "fuses art with science" lets you experience the universe via sound and light
    • $9.99 Meta Quest App
  6. Star Chart – Accurate real-time simulation of the night sky that also lets you explore the solar system in VR
    • $9.99 Meta Quest App
  7. Mission: ISS: Quest – Interactive app lets you explore what life is like on board the international space station
    • Free Meta Quest App
  8. Titans of Space - Take a guided tour of the solar system. Examine planets and their moons.
    • $10 Meta Quest App