SCC's VR Headsets - What to know

This article describes what instructors need to know about SCC's mobile VR lab in order to use with their students and in their classes

What do we have?

  • 16 Meta Quest 2 VR headsets with pro head straps and hand controllers
  • 5 link cables for accessing non-Meta Quest applications
  • 3 GoPro 360 cameras for recording VR-ready video
  • 1 Macbook Pro with FinalCut installed for editing 360/VR video
  • 1 lockable wheeled VR storage cart

Where are the headsets located?

SCC's VR headsets are stored in a locked cart within the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC). However, one or two headsets will generally be set up within the TLC for general use and access. A check-in sheet will be available at the library desk for those wanting to try one of these headsets. A general selection of apps will be installed on these headsets. For specific applications, users should contact the Educational Technology Specialist  (ETS) prior to use.

Can I take headsets to my classes?

Yes. Instructors can check out headsets from the TLC. Contact the ETS to make plans to use headsets. Depending on instructors needs, some or all of SCC's headsets can be brought to a classroom, or can be scheduled for use in the TLC.

How do I find VR applications for my classes?

The Teaching and Learning Center maintains a growing list of applications on many academic topics. You can search this list or make specific requests. The ETS will do their best to match applications with instructors and topics.

Instructors an search for other applications by searching for Meta Quest apps online and specifying specific topics or subjects. In some cases, VR applications not specifically for Meta Quest can also be used.

Before using an application with your students, we highly recommend you try it out in VR first to see if the experience fits with your pedagogical goals.

I just want my students to come in and use one application without distraction. How do I do that?

Our headsets have a "kiosk mode" that allows us to specify that only one specific application can be run on a headset. This application can be set to run automatically when a user puts on the headset, bypassing the headset's default interface. Work with the ETS ahead of the planned use to set this up.

Can I take a headset home?

Currently, we are unable to check out headsets for use off campus, but we will continue to evaluate our policies to respond to instructor needs.