Secure Printing on the Mailroom Copier

  1. When Printing, start from the main menu. If you are not on the main menu, (1) touch the home icon to return. Once back to the main menu, (2) touch the Printer (Classic) icon.
Mail room printer home screen

On the Printer screen. (1) touch the Print Jobs tab. Then (2) touch your user name which should be listed under Select User Name. If your user name does not appear here, you may need to go back to your computer and restart your secure print job, making sure that the mail room printer is selected as your printer for that job.

Print Jobs tab on Printer screen

On the Print Jobs screen, touch the job listed with your user name. If you've sent multiple jobs, more than one item will be listed here. Pick the job you want to print based upon the time it was sent.

Print Jobs screen

With your job selected, touch Print in the lower right corner of the screen.

Print icon detal

A password popup will open. Using the numeric keypad on the right, enter the last 4 digits of your Social Security #.

password popup with keypad

Your entry will appear in the password field. Touch OK to continue printing.

Password popup detail

You should see a print confirmation popup. From this screen you can:

  1. Cancel your print
  2. View and change your print settings
  3. Change the quantity to print

Once your settings are confirmed, touch (4) Print.

Print confirmation popup

Your printing should start and you return to the Print Jobs screen. Your print job should no longer appear on this screen. Once your printing has stopped. Touch the Home icon to return to the home screen for then next user.

clear Print Jobs screen