Setting Up Secure Printing on Your PC

If you want to print from the mailroom securely (requiring you to be there when the print happens), here's how you can set up your computer to send secure print jobs!

In the search bar of your work computer, type "control panel." Click on the control panel app that shows up in your search results.

Windows search window

In the control panel, click on View devices and printers in the Hardware and Sound section.

Control panel detail

Under Printers you should see the icon for the Mailroom Copier.

Mailroom copier icon

Right click on this icon and select Printing preferences.

If you do not see the Mailroom Copier icon under your printers, fill out an IT Helpdesk ticket for help adding it to your computer.

Printing preferences detail

In the preferences window, look for the Job Type dropdown.

Printing preferences frequently used settings screen

Change the job type from Normal Print to Locked Print.

Job type dropdown menu

Click on Details... to the right of to Job Type.

Printer preferences detail

In the Job Type Details window enter the first 8 digits of your SCC username in the Enter User ID field.

Do not include the "" part of your username here.

User ID field

In the Password field, type the last 4 digits of your Social Security #. Click OK below.

Password field

The window should close and you have returned to the printing preferences window. Click (1) Apply and then (2) OK at the bottom.

Printing preferences detail

Your computer is ready for secure printing. After you send your print job to the Mailroom Copier, you'll need to go up to the copier to retrieve it.