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Why do I get signed into the Wrong Email Account when I try to log in to mySCC?

No. It's just that when you try to sign in to mySCC you are taken to a gmail login page -- unless you have a personal gmail account that you are already signed into.

In that case, you'll be taken to the home page for your personal gmail. So how do you get to your school gmail account instead? This article will show you.

Before you log in to mySCC to go to your SCC email, make sure you are signed out of any other gmail accounts. Go to a gmail login page to see if it automatically logs you in to a personal account. If it does, click your account name in the upper-right of your account inbox and click Sign out.

gmail account sign out menu

Now that you are signed out, go to mySCC and sign in.  Because you have an account that you have logged in to before in this browser, you'll probably see the gmail "Choose an account" page. Your other gmail accounts (or account) appear(s) at the top. If you don't see your SCC email account listed here, click Use another account.

Gmail Choose an account page

Now you'll see the normal gmail log in page. Just enter your SCC email address and password to log in!

Gmail sign in page

You should be able to log in to mySCC now. Once logged in, you can go to your school gmail by clicking the gmail link on the digital accounts dashboard.

mySCC email button

Just remember that your browser will often remember the last account you logged in to. Depending on your browser settings, even if you close the browser you may still be logged in!