Display Teacher Computer in an iTV Call

This article describes the process of displaying the teacher's computer to all students in an iTV classroom, including to students at remote sites who are connected by video in the call. This can be done either before the call has been connected, or after the call has already been initiated.

If the iTV room's touch panel display is at its home screen, to display your instructor's computer screen start by tapping the Content button. If you are already in a call, this button may appear on the right side of the panel.

A screen with the Content panel open on the right will appear. Under the content panel will appear an icon of a computer with the room's name/number next to it. Tap that icon.

A green button to Show Content will now appear. To have your computer screen start displaying to your students, tap that button.

After tapping this button, your computer's monitor should now be displayed on one of the TV screens in your room, and the button will turn red. It will also be displayed on TV screens in all of the other rooms you've connected in your call. Likewise, if you play a video on that screen -- or anything else that has audio -- the video's audio will be played to all the other connected class sites. Make a note of which monitor -- iTV room computers have two -- is being displayed. Put your content for display on that monitor.

Once you are finished with your class, please tap the Stop Content button to quit displaying your monitor. This will make sure there is a consistent experience for the next instructor when they begin their class.