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Placing a multi-site call in an iTV classroom

This article will walk you through placing a call in an iTV classroom using the classroom's iTV touch display. Shawnee has multiple classrooms at each of its centers that are set up to make and receive calls. Before using an iTV classroom, make sure you understand the steps in this article and be sure to contact I.T. to set up an in-person startup-training session.

Each iTV classroom is equipped with a Polycom touch panel display. This display should be next to the instructor's computer in the classroom. If the room hasn't been used recently, this display may be dark -- as seen in the image. Touch the display to wake it up.

The home screen of the polycom display will show two main buttons -- "Place a Call" and "Content." Tap the Place a Call button to get started.

On the call screen, tap the Contacts tab.

The Contacts screen will show a list of all the rooms that you can connect to at all the centers. To initiate a call, tap the name/number of one of the classrooms that you need to call.

Once a room is tapped, a blue checkmark will appear next to the one you've selected. Tap the green button at the bottom of the screen to call that room.

You'll see a calling screen with the IP address for the room you are connected to at the top of the screen.

Finally, the call screen will appear if the connection is successful. The middle of this screen shows icons for the two rooms that are currently connected, and the connected room's name will appear at the top. Next to the room's name is a counter indicating the duration of the call. Tap the More button -- an icon of three dots in a row in the lower right of the panel -- to add more rooms to your call. This will open the Participants panel.

With the Participants panel open, tap the Add button to select rooms to add to the call.

Select your other rooms from the list and tap on them to add them, just like you did to initiate your call. Unlike when you initiated the call, you won't just select one room and then call. Instead, you will now select all of the rest of the rooms you need to add. You may need to slide your finger up the screen to make the list scroll down and view more rooms to add. Once again, tap the camera button to make your connections.

Your call should now be completely connected. To see all the rooms you have in the call, open the Participants panel again by touching the More button. You'll see a list of all the rooms connected in the Participants panel.

Once your class is done, be sure to tap the Hang Up button to disconnect all of your classroom sites, making those sites available for another class to use. Hanging up will take you to a hang up screen before the call is ended.

It is very important that you always hang up your call at the end of your class. If your call is not ended, other classes will experience degraded images on their monitors and other negative effects to their iTV calls.