Chrome Live Captioning

This article describes how to turn on and use Chrome browser's built-in live captioning. You can use this live captioning with any media that plays in the Chrome browser.

You need to turn on Chrome's live captioning feature before you can use it. First, click on the "Customize and control Google Chrome" menu at the far right of Chrome's toolbar. It looks like a vertical row of three dots -- also called the "kebab" menu.

Click on "Settings."

On the settings menu, look for "Accessibility"

"Live Caption" can be toggled on and off on this page. Make sure you turn it on by clicking the slider button.

When caption-able media is on one of your browser tabs - such as a Youtube video or a web meeting - a media control icon will appear on your browser toolbar, allowing you to turn captions on and off for this content. Click on this icon to open a small control window with a toggle on-and-off slider.

Live captions will generally appear below the media in a gray box, but you can move this display around by clicking and dragging it.

If you switch to another tab while the media or meeting is playing, your live captions will continue to display at the bottom of your screen until you stop the media or close the captions.