Getting your SCC ID

Shawnee Community College uses a digital ID card system for students, faculty and staff. Here's how to get yours.

Step 1

Email [email protected] using your SCC Email account and request a virtual ID card.

Please provide your Student ID number and full name in the email.

Step 2

Download the “ID123” app from App Store or Google Play Store.

entry for the ID123 app from Apple's app store. It shows the ID123 logo in the upper left corner and three pictures of different screens from the app on iphones next to each other side-by-side below the app has a 5-star rating and 1.3k downloads.

Step 3

After you've downloaded the app, you can install your card by tapping the Install my card button found in the email sent to your SCC email account. Please tap this button from your mobile device or Chromebook.

It will look like this:

Detail of a graphical blue button with bevelled edges and white text stating, "Install my card" in the center.

Step 4

Select your ID card and follow the steps.

If you are having trouble installing your card, please contact Shawnee Community College support at [email protected].