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Logos, Branding information, and other Marketing Materials

If you need a copy of the college's logo, examples of college marketing material, or information about the college's graphics standards, here's how to find it in mySCC!

From the mySCC home page, look for mySCC Menu on the left. hover your mouse over that menu icon to open it.

mySCC faculty homepage detail

In the Menu, click on Employee Resources.

Employee Resources link

From the Employee Resources drop-down menu, click on Marketing at the bottom of the list.

Marketing link

You will be taken to the marketing resources page. There are a variety of resources here.  For downloadable school logos that can be used with official documents, click on Marketing type: Logo.

SCC logo image files list

Before using logos or other official resources in your school documents, be sure to click on Manuals and download the Graphics Standards Manual. Review the relevant sections of the manual prior to creating your document using official college graphics.

Graphic Standards Manual download link